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Akela Kennels

Akela Property


One ute has Labrador puppies on the back and the other is open showing safety crates.

Our Vehicles

We also use the backseat if required!

Lots of dogs climbing over a stream and up a hill. Having fun

Summer Pack Run

The Lab Collection

Julie gets a load of kisses from 5 dogs all gathered around her

Sharing the Love

 A mix of breeds just showing their thanks

Black lab digging a hole covered in dirt.  Very happy and dedicated to his task

Being a Dog

The joys of a rural visit!

Three Labs in the stream enjoying nature

The waterhole

For those that like to splash in the water

Black lab fetching a red ball

Playing Fetch

Safe Toys for those that share

Two cream Golden Retrievers running side by side

Making Friends

Training for the three legged race


Playing Tug

TV Stars - Ted and Radar


Gaining Confidence

Ok - this wasn't here but running on the farm certainly helps to get in touch with the outdoors

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 10.08.08

Taking A Swim

For the braver dogs we have the waterhole for a nice refreshing swim!

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