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Children and Dogs

Creating Bonds, Rearing and Training

Young boy feeding a little Golden retriever puppy food into its bowl

Feeding my puppy

Young girl gently stroking a young black Labrador puppy

Teaching the young

Young toddler walking a big yellow Labrador by himself on a leash at heel

Creating positive associations

Young boy laying on a mattress having a nap time with a little golden retriever puppy.

Nap Times

Like someone refilling your wine glass - someone adding to the bowl will generally get a better greeting than taking it away.

Gentle stroking, not crowding the puppy and adult supervision.  Its a must when rearing a puppy to be calm and gentle

This gentle dog is very compliant about taking a walk on leash.  Is your leash invisible?

Keeping an eye on these two tired youngsters.  Some times laying together with a friend is all we need...

Gorgeous little boy gently holding and studying his dog's tail

A quiet Study

Young girl learning to interact with a sleeping Golden Retriever under a crocheted quilt

Being still

Upset boy being comforted by mum and a concerned black Labrador nuzzling his hand.

I am here



Raising a sound pup for ready for exploration

When there is fear in an approach to your dog its nice if the dog stays still because it is feels safe and comfortable.

Once a bond starts forms your dog will care about your feelings

Quality time together is friendship

Approximately six month old baby reading a book titled "That's not my Puppy'


Young heading dog puppy with her paw up to shake hands whilst an older heading dog watches on.


Three grown Labrador dogs laying on a mat.  One gold, one cream and one black

Easy living

Julie Hancox (in her youth) doing agility with her border collie Tessa going over the long jump.

Why should I?

We all need someone to teach us before we can be expected to understand and follow the rules

Teaching and learning take time and patience.  In the beginning we need to establish a plan about how and what we are going to teach.

Setting Boundaries leads to easy living later on!

It doesn't matter what we teach...we are all capable of learning if we receive a reward for putting in the effort.

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