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Welcome to Akela Dog Kennels, Training and  Breeding

Providing you and your dog with access to expertise, skills and experience from over 50years working in the canine training industry and recreational learning. 




Please take a look around.

Who Are We?

Rick and Julie on the farm with the  Farm Dogs

The Akela Partnership

Get to Know Us

We are Rick and Julie Hancox.

Until recently Akela Boarding Kennels were limited to the Private Industry Sector.

Rick has now opened the kennels to the Public Sector as a small and intimate farm stay facility.   In addition he has added a small doggy daycare to our service.

After a lifetime working with dogs in the Professional Industry (This included training dogs such as Guide Dogs, Assistance Dogs, Sheep Dogs, Rescue Dogs, Pet and Companion Dogs and Specialist Dog Training)

Julie has now chosen to offer to You and Your Dog assistance in any of these areas




AKELA Wiltshire Sheep

Julie and Rick breed Wiltshire Sheep (since 2006)

We offer a limited number of lifestyle sheep for sale annually - these sheep are ideal for small blocks due to their wool being self shedding - meaning no shearing and minimal risk of fly strike.  

Akela Kennels and Training 

Ready to help you understand, effectively communicate and train your Dog

What Can We Do and What Can't We Do...

Please call Julie to chat...there is not much we can't help you with, including information on other services, people and places that may be able to assist you.

We can help you with...

Pet Dog Training and Behaviour, 

Sheep Dog - Introduction to Sheep, stop, left and right and runout

Rescue Dog - building trust and respect without fear

Therapy Dog - Upgrade and Additional Task Training

Learning to Groom your own Dog


Puppy Sourcing, Rearing and Socialisation guidance and support

Desensitising Pups for the future

Pushy Pups and Placid People - Making new boundaries

Sleepy Pups and Active People - The freedom of Fun

One to One bespoke Assistance



After so many years working with dogs and people, both adult and children who live with disability Akela are now breeding appropriate dogs with careful consideration of temperament and health for those that want a lifetime friend

Julie Hancox Assistance Dogs NZ C&C Nov

Boarding Kennels

Rick Hancox

Rick is in charge of our limited numbers kennel facility.  This way we can create an environment where the guests can enjoy greater freedoms across the farm - accompanying him around the premises rather than only the fenced runs

Julie Hancox Assistance Dogs NZ C&C Nov

Doggy Day Care

Contact Rick Through our Akela Kennels Facebook Page or 027 474 2965

With resident dogs on the property and boarding dogs we limit this service to eight daycare dogs per day. Facebook Rick on AKELA Kennels to book your friendly dog in for a visit.  We no longer have pick up and delivery service available

Rick Hancox

Rick Hancox.      Mobile 027474 2965


Akela Kennels and Doggy Daycare

 Best Contact through our AKELA KENNELS Facebook Messenger 

Rick is a carpenter by trade but for the past 15 years he has been working on our property and in the Akela Kennels.  

Rick has overseen matings, whelping, and been involved with management during the first few weeks of life for the ADNZ litters.  


Rick has built up a sound knowledge of dog body language and is able to formulate 'packs' within the kennel environment that best suit every dog within that group.  For those dogs that are older, have health issues or are not desiring rough and tumble play Rick is also able to provide one on one companionship in his 'mancave', and separate one on one walks until the right pack group can be established.

Julie Hancox

Julie Hancox.      Mobile 027 271 9737




Julie is specialist dog trainer and instructor with many years experience working with disability and assistance dogs.

Julie is a qualified Guide Dog Trainer and Instructor.  She was also the Founder of Assistance Dogs New Zealand fulfilling the roles of Trainer and Client Instructor and Client Services Manager in the latter years before leaving in 2020.


Julie currently trains and competes at local trials with her with her Heading sheep dogs, has participated in Agility in her younger years along with showing a Standard Poodle - which was when she first learned to groom dogs.

If you would like to chat more about your dog, any difficulties you are having or training you would like assistance with please contact Julie on 027 271 9737

Training Assessment and Introduction to training - our premises 

Behaviour Assessment determined through phone discussion

Specialist Training pricing on Request

Phone Consults $50.00 per hour

Please allow two hours for your first session when booking

Boarding Dogs

Akela Kennels

Boarding Kennels

Keeping small numbers at our kennels means that we are able to provide your dog with more attention - free runs in the paddock and monitored time with other dogs.

Julie holding a puppy (Founder of Assistance  Dogs New Zealand)


Experience & Expertise

Founder of Assistance Dogs New Zealand (Charitable Trust 2008) Created Charitable Board of Trustees, Built operational systems. Client interview, assessment, training and placements for Assistance Dogs to a variety of disability's and combinations of disability.Follow up and aftercare with clients. Employed and worked with staff to assist with development of Training, Puppy Development, Fundraising.
Attended International Conferences and used opportunity to network with overseas providers to establish and develop the ADNZ Breeding Program and to share differing methods and training instructing techniques.
Applied and completed criteria required for NZ Government Legal Public Access rights for Assistance Dogs New Zealand Charitable Trust. Achieved international standards for Candidacy and for first five years of Accreditation for Assistance Dogs New Zealand to be a member of Assistance Dogs International.
Commenced work on Digital Data Base for clients and dogs – content, mapping and updating processes and changes. 
ADNZ Trainer - Trained a variety of dogs for children with disabilities ranging from Autism, Down syndrome, Diabetes, physical disability, fragile x and provided additional education for replacement ADNZ trainer.
ADNZ Instructor - Interviewed clients and parents of clients with disability around New Zealand. Assessed needs and requirements for suitable matching with an assistance dog. Matched clients to appropriate dogs and then placed and trained these teams over ten day - three week domiciliary programs.
Provided additional training to new Client Instructors and provided ongoing follow up and after care visits for all clients to develop teams and assist with any arising difficulties.

1997 – 2007 Guide Dogs Services RNZFB Guide Dog Trainer / Guide Dog Instructor / Orientation and Mobility Instructor / Massey University Post Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation / Massey University Certificate in Rehabilitation Studies / UNITEC Animal Care and Handling Certificate / Guide Dog Instructor Diploma / Guide Dog Trainer Diploma Kennel Certificate

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